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Engaged in: 20 years of research, development and production of fatty acids, 3 national invention patents have been obtained, and 10 national invention patents have been applied for the medium and long chain fatty acid structural lipids project.


Leadership: Leading country 863 to set up a project for Chinese food processing of European pharmaceutical raw materials (high content triglyceride fish oil)


Undertaking: Biomedical research of Ministry of Science and Technology: "Enzymatic synthesis of high content triglyceride fish oil" major special project.


National Key New Products: "Natural Concentrated EPA+DHA 50% Triglyceride Type"


National Key New Products: "Biocatalytic Preparation of High Content Triglycerides of Polyoleic Acid"


Research projects:


1. Two National Key New Product Plans


2. Obtaining major projects from the Innovation Fund for Biomedical SMEs of the Ministry of Science and Technology


3. The only enterprise in China to obtain medium and long chain fatty acid edible oil and fish oil extract SC


4. Incorporate into the National Standard of Formula Food for Special Medical Use GB29922-2013


5. In 2012, Hebei Science and Technology Association approved the establishment of enterprise workstations for scientific and technological experts.


6. Medium and long chain fatty acids in 2015 is a new industrial product designated by Hebei Industry and Information Technology Department.


7. In 2017, it was designated as "Strategic Cooperation Alliance of Chinese Traditional Medicine Health Care Industry" and "Specialized Committee of Health Care of China Health Care Commission".

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